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It’s time to wake up, gentlemen, because spring is finally here. Gone are dreary and dull days where it’s dark during both sides of your commute – it’s officially time to welcome the injection of colour that we’ve been waiting for all year long.

The simplest way to embrace the new season is to let your wardrobe reflect your mood. Brighter colours, bolder patterns and prints that’ll help you stand out from the crowd are all worth getting behind. Unsure where to start? Read on…

The key with adding prints into your everyday wardrobe is to not go over-the-top with every colour under the sun, but instead to remember that slow and steady often wins the race for a reason. Depending on what tone you decide to go for, it’s best to pair lighter prints with darker hues for maximum impact – and vice versa for darker prints. If you’re lacking in confidence when it comes to wearing something slightly out of the ordinary, start with a subtle printed shirt or T-shirt; a quietly checked suit; a colour-block sweater or hoodie.



Don’t be afraid to also inject prints into your workwear. Unless you work in a strictly suits and white shirts-only office, there should be nothing stopping you from breaking out of the ordinary and going for something a bit bolder, especially during the spring and summer months. Try a short-sleeved patterned shirt with a pair of dark chinos, or mix things up with a floral shirt underneath your everyday suit. Remember – the key is to do something a little different, a little bolder and a little surprising. Wear every pattern with the perfect balance of confidence and assurance and we guarantee that you’ll notice heads turning – in the best possible way.



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