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What is a Pear Shaped Body?

Do you have a fuller hip section wider than your upper body? If yes, then you are probably a pear shape. Categorised by narrow shoulders, a smaller bust and a wide hip, the pear shape woman is the ultimate advocate of cold shoulder tops, elegant wrap dresses and flared trousers.

The general idea on how to dress for a pear shape is all about drawing the attention away from your lower half by bringing the attention to your upper half – leaving you looking a little less bottom-heavy.

How Do I Dress for a Pear Shape?

Show Some Shoulder

Aim to focus attention upwards towards your shoulders with cold shoulder and Bardot tops. Attracting attention exactly where it’s needed, these tops balance out the lower half and showcase the most favourable part of a pear-shaped body.

Pick Wide Set Sleeves

Tops with wide sleeves are another easy way to capture attention up top. From bell, flute and kimono to ruffled sleeves, these wider set sleeves blend into your hips and even out your body shape – creating balance and proportion.

Keep Trousers Wide

Set to balance out proportions, opt for bottoms not too tight or light in colour. Your go-to trousers will consist of flared and bootcut styles in a darker colour palette and high waist. Designed to give a slimming appearance by drawing the eye away from the hips– these are the ultimate styles for flattering pear-shaped body.

Dresses & Tunics Are Your Friend

Every woman’s wardrobe saviour – dresses are your on and off-duty go-to. From weddings and christenings to casual trips to the park and all your evening events, there’s a dress for every occasion.

For a pear shape, structured skater dresses that cinch you in at the waist and flow outwards towards the hem offer everything you want – enhanced definition at the waist whilst slimming the shoulders. For more casual dressing, opt for tunic dresses to draw attention to the arms and upper body, and maxi dresses for an easy slip-on-and-go style that will drape effortlessly over your hips.

Layer Up with Jackets

Even out your bodies proportions with layers. Adding bulk to your upper half will create a silhouette in proportion to your lower half – but if you still want to draw attention to your waist, use a belt over your layers for more definition.

Opt for Deep Necklines

Be brave and experiment with necklines. From elegant sweetheart necklines to deep, plunging v-necklines that will elongate your upper body and draw attention upwards – choose styles that will broaden your upper half and distract from your lower.

Go for Prints, Patterns & Colour

Brightly coloured, bold printed tops and blouses are a need-have in a pear shapes wardrobe. Since you need to play it down on bottom with darker, more neutral tones – you should keep colour up top to capture maximum attention.

Wear Woven Fabrics for Structure   

Depending on what style you’re wearing, material plays a massive key factor in how that style fits and flatters. Try woven and more structured styles that will hold you together to provide a structured silhouette and avoid clinging fabrics such as jersey on your lower half.

Make Sure the Fits Right

You may feel like you want to lean towards looser, baggier clothing to hide any lumps or bumps, but choosing more fitted clothing on your upper half will highlight your narrower shoulders. If you don’t feel confident enough and prefer to stick with looser clothing, try wearing styles that sit just below the hips.

Compliment Your Outfit with Bold Accessories

Add a complimentary touch to your outfits with your accessories. Take eyes upwards and opt for statement necklaces (chunky or layered) or a bold pair of earrings. Think bigger the better!

SOURCE: Yours Clothing

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