Valentine's Day - How to Celebrate it in Lockdown?




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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, lockdown isn’t going to stop us celebrating! So, here we share some simple ideas on how to spend it whether virtually or at home together… 

Virtual Movie Night

Organise a movie night with popcorn and drinks whilst on a video call to each other. Start the film at the same time and it will feel like you’re watching it together!

Virtual Games Night 

We may be fed up with quizzes by now, so why not try something different - there are tons of online multiplayer games out there. 

Virtual Dine-In Night 

Why not have a dine-in night over a video call? Just choose a recipe, nip to Sainsburys and grab your ingredients and then you’ll be ready to cook together and share your tips with each other! Though, if cooking isn’t your thing, then you can opt to order each other your favourite take away!

Virtual Gift Giving 

There is no excuse not to treat each other this lockdown Valentine’s Day. A surprise delivery of flowers or chocolates will always go down a treat. 

Learn Something New

Why not learn something new together! There are loads of online courses and workshops that you can both get involved in. 

Get Outdoors

Missing the outdoors? Fill a flask with some hot chocolate and try a walk you have never done before. Or why not grab your tent and sleeping bags and set up in the garden. There’s no better time to enjoy an evening under the stars than Valentine’s Day in Lockdown (ahem, weather permitting!). 

Reflect on past memories

Break out the photo albums and reminisce on your past adventures! Or perhaps go through each other’s childhood photos – that is bound to cause some giggles!

Cosy Movie Night

If we didn’t win you over with camping, then how about a ‘sofa fort’ movie night with blankets and cushions to keep you cosy plus the all-important fairy lights! Then all you need is a favourite snack, something fizzy and a movie that you both agree on. 

Create a home spa experience 

Missing retreating to a spa? Then bring the spa to your home. Get out some fluffy dressing gowns, slippers and a light a few candles. Then just put a soothing facemask on and relax! Superdrug or Boots will have you sorted to create the perfect experience!

Bring out the games! 

Swap the TV for some board games! Have a rummage in your cupboard for the classics such as Scrabble or Snakes and Ladders! 

However, you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day we hope these ideas will inspire you to do something fun! 

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