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One of the galaxy’s most iconic characters, C-3PO the fussy and worry-prone droid is ready to make your acquaintance.

Pandora fans around the world were delighted when on Thursday 1st October 2020 the highly anticipated Star Wars x Pandora Collection was released! The Official Pandora kindly gifted me my favourite pieces from the capsule collection including the worrisome protocol droid Star Wars x Pandora Collection C-3PO Charm.

The Star Wars x Pandora Collection is available for both in-store and online at our preferred Pandora retailer the Pandora UK eStore.




The Star Wars x Pandora Collection C-3PO Charm is one of just two Pandora Shine pieces from the new Star Wars x Pandora Collection. Second is the Limited Edition Star Wars Shining 3D logo which is also plated in 18k gold.

Like the rest of the charms in the Star Wars x Pandora Collection, the Star Wars x Pandora C-3PO Charm. is detailed with exceptional accuracy. Threepio is immediately recognisable with his human shaped structure and grill like Photoreceptor eyes. On his stomach, a circle within a ring illustrates his Primary Power Coupler Outlet. While glossy black enamel is a tidy way to represent his Powerbus Cables.

See-Threepio’s back details are clearly visible of the reverse of the Star Wars x Pandora C-3PO Charm. On the back of his smooth head Threepio is protected with a Tamper Proof Security Detents. Beneath is the normal hallmark for Pandora Shine jewellery, ‘PANDORA’ and ‘ALE MET’. Additionally the charm is stamped with the ‘©LFL’ hallmark for Lucasfilm Ltd.

Akin to the other Star Wars x Pandora droid charms, BB-8 and C-3PO, the Star Wars x Pandora C-3PO Charm features movable parts. Both his mechanical arms and legs move backwards and forwards.



Threepio’s enlarged head is especially prominent viewed from the side of the Star Wars x Pandora C-3PO Charm. Also noticeable are the Microwave Emitter and Sensors surrounding the top of his head. Consistent with other Pandora Shine and Rose charms, the C-3PO Charm has a smooth unthreaded core.


SOURCE: Pandora

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