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3 Ways To Wear Fashion’s Fave Collared Blouse

Always on the lookout for new ways to make your clothes last (even) longer? Well, readers, we got you. This feature has arrived, complete with clever styling tips and tricks, to help you get the most wear out our your next investment piece: the must-have collared blouse.

ICYMI, the collared blouse is getting alllllll the attention in the fashion world RN – just look at its poplin fabric, puffy sleeves AND oversized, cutwork collar and you can see exactly why. Think these features make it tricky to style? Of course not: it’s surprisingly easy to wear, and our fashion team are here to show you how to make it work for your future plans.  Every single one.

​​​​​​​Scroll down for three ways to wear the collared blouse this season. 

1. How to Style the Collar Blouse for the Weekend

When you’ve got super-cute weekend plans, you’ll want to give your “Tori-jeans-and-a-nice-collared-top” combo an extra something-something. To level up your look slightly, we recommend opting for a check blazer that features a double-breasted design and a flat collar, then add a black leather-look bucket bag with gold-tone details & a shoulder strap. Plus, a pair of lace-up canvas trainers won’t feel out of place here. Ever.

2. How to Style the Collar Blouse for Work or WFH

Whether you’re working from your bedroom office or the office-office, there’s a completely new take on what to wear while being ‘on-duty’. Let us show you what we mean: 9-to-5 dressing has taken a much more laid-back turn for the coming months and, trust, we couldn’t be happier if we tried. Our style tips? Don’t say “ciao” to your tailored trousers just yet. Give them a more casual vibe by throwing a leather-look knot headband and pointed ankle boots into the mix.

3. How to Style the Collar Blouse for a Girls Night 'Out'

Just because BNOs are cancelled, doesn’t mean that we can’t channel that same energy – but in a more low-key way – when going for cocktails, pub drinks or dinner with the girls. Meet the look that your next nights out will obsess over, including the collared blouse, leather-look shorts, black chunky boots, heart-shaped earrings and a pair of cute polka-dot tights. Basically, it’s a daytime look but wayyyyy elevated.

SOURCE: New Look

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