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Geometric Beauty - The Customisable Makeup Trend

There are many marvellous things about makeup, but one of the things we love most about it here at Superdrug is its versatility; with makeup, you can create any look you desire. Geometric beauty has been one of the biggest emerging trends of the last few years, and its a great example of creating a look that fits your personality!

Geometric makeup takes lines and shapes and enables you to customise your own look with colour and creativity. There’s no rules or guidelines and when perfected, geometric makeup can easily be passed off as art!

Step out of your comfort zone and take your makeup to the next level with our geometric makeup ideas…

Next Level Eyeliner

We’ve been perfecting the iconic black eyeliner flick for as long as we can remember, but it seems all those hours practising may not have been necessary! Geometric eyeliner breaks the mould by moving the position of your lines, including patterns such as zigzags and incorporating more than one colour.

Try including an indent of colour just below your eye for a subtle look that’s wearable every day or if you’re looking for the maximum effect you can go for floating lines in your eye socket crease or an inverted design that joins lines on both your top and upper lids.

A steady hand, a little creativity and an array of colours are all that is required!

Think Outside the Lines

If you have ever followed a tutorial about how to apply lip liner the ‘correct way’, forget it all. With geometric beauty, you can throw away the ‘how-to’ book and make your own rules. Usually, you would be instructed to use the lip liner to stay within the natural curves of your lip but by taking it just slightly outwards, not only will you create an edgier look but you can also create the illusion of a thicker, fuller pout.

Before you rush off to start tracing around the contours of your lips, we don’t mean do it haphazardly; this could appear unflattering and dated. Instead, sharpen your lip liner to create a super-sharp point and shade the corners of your mouth – this softens the lines and adds more definition.  Then, trace along your lip line slightly veering outside of your mouth’s natural curves. Following the natural shape will keep it looking sleek, while also enhancing your lips.

We like a clear-cut line for this look, but if you want a softer appearance take a lip brush and gently blend the liner towards your lips.

No Ordinary Nail Art

Geometry doesn’t have to be confined to the beautiful features of your face, it is also extremely adaptable for nail art. The chic, modern manicure style uses sharp lines and contrasting colours to create striking shapes and irregular patterns.

Unlike your usual manicure, with geometric nail art usually, no two nails are the same which gives it a level of uniqueness and adds to its quirky appeal.

The easiest way to create the perfectly straight lines is to use striping tape over the top of a base coat and colour. You can also use the tape to ensure straight lines and distinctive blocks of colour by using the tape as a guide and removing once the paint is dry.


SOURCE: Superdrug

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