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Tips and tricks to make sure you get the best deals in the biggest sales of the year.

Black Friday is well and truly upon us. Retailers are preparing for the sales while shoppers are preparing their shopping lists. Maybe you’re going to try and do all your Christmas shopping in them, or maybe you just really want to guilt-free treat yourself before the festive shopping begins. Whatever the occasion, we’ve put together a small to-do list to ensure that you make the most of the sales and come away knowing you got your best deals.

Preparation is key

If you can, find out what’s going into the Black Friday Sales beforehand. Check out retailers social media platforms beforehand to see if they’re revealing any teasers so you know what you’re planning on buying beforehand.

Price match if you can

If you know the store you’re shopping in price matches, don’t be afraid to ask about it if you found a product cheaper somewhere else. When a retailer price matches, it means that if you do happen to find a certain product that you’ve bought for a lower price elsewhere, they’ll refund the difference.

Sign up to newsletters

Many retailers give you a ‘welcome discount’ when you sign up to their newsletters or create an account with them. That added discount could go a long way! Keep an eye out in case any retailers are encouraging sign-up’s with the promise of ‘early access’ to sales.

Do your research

With the rush of Black Friday Sales, it’s sometimes simply luck if you make it to the checkout with your items still in stock. Go prepared, make a list (or a mental one) of where else sells the products you’re after so that if you don’t get there in time, you know exactly where else to go!

Create a wishlist

Don’t go in blind! In the same way that they say not to go food shopping when you’re hungry, don’t go Black Friday shopping when you’ve got no idea what you’re shopping for. Yes, they might be fantastic deals, but if you don’t need or want them, then you may well end up feeling like you’ve wasted your money.

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