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Charity Christmas cards are a wonderful way of spreading festive cheer and channelling the Christmas spirit of goodwill. That’s why Paperchase partners with a special selection of charities every year to create an exclusive collection of charity Christmas cards. There are 18 unique designs to choose from and 50p from each pack of charity Christmas cards sold goes to a good cause. Read on to discover the stories behind our charities.

Who are our charity Christmas card partners?

Autistica uses cutting-edge science to change and save lives. Its scientists work to transform people’s understanding of autism and advance new therapies and interventions.

Centrepoint is the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity. Every year it provides more than 15,000 young people with a place to stay, plus health and learning services to help them live independently.

Children with Cancer UK is the UK’s leading charity dedicated to research into childhood cancer. It supports visionary researchers and accelerates breakthroughs in successful treatments.

Nordoff Robbins is the UK’s largest music therapy charity, supporting thousands of people. It is dedicated to enriching the lives of people affected by life-limiting illness, isolation or disability.

Hospice UK is the national charity for hospice and palliative care. It works to ensure all adults and children living with a terminal illness receive the best possible care and support.

Headlines offers vital support to families affected by craniosynostosis. The condition occurs when a baby’s skull bones fuse together too early, and can cause problems with brain and skull development.

Why have you chosen to partner with Paperchase?

Autistica: We are a small charity with a big goal: for every autistic person to live a long, happy and healthy life. We receive no government funding and so rely on our generous partners, like Paperchase, to support our vital research. 2.8 million people have a connection to autism, and we hope that our cards can raise awareness for Autistica’s research.

Centrepoint: We are lucky enough to have partnered with Paperchase on a charity Christmas card for the last few years – it’s a fun and colourful brand with huge integrity. Not only is it really important for us to raise awareness about the issue of youth homelessness at Christmas, but it’s great to be recognised alongside so many fantastic charities.

Children with Cancer UK: Being a children’s charity we see a great synergy in our partnership with Paperchase due to their vast array of fun products for kids and adults alike to enjoy. The lead up to Christmas has significance for us as we support children and their families throughout the whole year, and the festive period can be challenging for those faced with childhood cancer.

Nordoff Robbins: Paperchase is a fantastic company that has always strived to support a number of organisations each year through its charity Christmas cards. We are proud to be a charity partner as it allows us to promote our cause nationwide while spreading seasonal cheer.

Hospice UK: Hospice care is a cause that is close to many people’s hearts, especially at this time of year. Many families will be preparing to spend their last Christmas together, or facing their first without a loved one. We thought Paperchase’s bright and trusted brand would be the perfect partner to help make sure that no matter where they are or why they’re ill, everyone knows hospices are there to provide care and comfort.

Headlines: We’re a tiny charity and very few people know about our work. Having our logo on the cards and on the Paperchase website is a great way of raising our profile. Plus, they’re a great retailer with such lovely products, especially at Christmas!

How do the funds raised by charity Christmas cards help your organisation?

Autistica: They help us to fund our vital research. Autistic people face some of the poorest outcomes of any group in society, but research can change their future. Just some of the things we have achieved so far are the development of an app to help autistic people cope with anxiety, an employment scheme to improve work opportunities and making autism a top Government priority.

Centrepoint: The amazing donations generated from this campaign help us to expand and improve our services. We provide a whole host of lifelines for young people, including putting a roof over their head, offering mental health support, giving them the skills they’ll need in everyday life, supporting them into employment and ensuring they can continue to thrive once they move on.

Children with Cancer UK: The money raised contributes to our vital, lifesaving research into finding kinder, safer treatments for childhood cancer. It also helps us to provide welfare support for families affected by the disease, such as fun days out away from the hospital ward and patient accommodation to keep them together during treatment.

Nordoff Robbins: We provide music therapy all over the UK in hospitals, care homes and schools, as well as our own centres in London, Newcastle, Manchester, and Scotland. We receive no direct government funding and rely on donations to support our work. The money raised via Paperchase can pay for one of our music therapists to work in a community centre for free for a whole year.

Hospice UK: With the generous support of Paperchase customers we’ll be able to reach more people approaching the end of life with the vital care they need. Our work includes providing funding for improvements in care, new services for patients and families, and training and professional development for hospice staff.

Headlines: They help to fund a number of activities, including our annual family weekends, which bring parents and their children together to meet and share their experiences of living with craniosynostosis. The families tell us the weekends can be life-changing – for some children, it’s the first opportunity they’ve ever had to meet others who look like them.

What made you pick your Christmas card design?

Autistica: We’re a forward-thinking organisation and always evolving how we operate, so we liked the modern interpretation of the 12 days of Christmas. We’re particularly fond of the leaping frogs!

Centrepoint: This year marks the 50th anniversary of Centrepoint supporting homeless young people in London. For us, the London tube map design is synonymous with this incredible milestone.

Children with Cancer UK: We loved the simplicity of it. When faced with children’s cancer, simple moments as a family become the most important thing and we felt this design represented this incredibly well.

Nordoff Robbins: What’s more fun than sprouts with goggle eyes?

Hospice UK: We love the happy Christmas scene of families enjoying the festivities together in the snow. It makes us feel all warm inside!

Headlines: We wanted something that appealed to everyone, and we felt this lovely design on recycled card really fitted the bill!

Why is your charity special to you?

Autistica: We meet so many families struggling to get the support they need, as the services that do exist have to rely on trial and error because the evidence just isn’t there. We’re here to change that and ensure every autistic person receives the best-quality care. We are special because we shine a light on the strengths and skills of autistic people as well as the challenges they face.

Centrepoint: We’ve all been young before and dealt with the normal hurdles that face us as teenagers – (voluntarily) leaving home, attending university, figuring out what we want to do as a career. So most of us can only imagine how scary it must be to have to fend for yourself at such a young age, and not be afforded the same choices and opportunities we were lucky enough to have.

Children with Cancer UK: It is so humbling to know that the hard work we put in is helping to fight childhood cancer, making treatments less harmful to children, increasing survival rates and providing moments of joy during an immensely challenging mental and physical battle.

Nordoff Robbins: Our therapists understand the power of music and the role it can play in enriching lives, and they strive to make it accessible to all. When you see a music therapist enabling a young child with autism to communicate with their family or school friends for the first time, it’s genuinely life-changing.

Hospice UK: Hospice care offers a lot more than people think, including services that help people live well before they die, such as complementary therapies, physiotherapy and counselling, and support for bereaved families. Hospices place a strong emphasis on promoting people’s wellbeing and providing care that is tailored to their individual needs and wishes.

Headlines: Although it’s only very small, it makes a massive difference to the lives of children and families affected by craniosynostosis. Just knowing there’s an organisation there to support you when you are struggling with the initial shock of a diagnosis is so important, and hearing how much families value what we do is hugely rewarding.

What’s the wackiest Christmas item you own?

Autistica: We have an impressive array of Christmas jumpers and tacky tinsel at the office, and one of our staff proudly wears her Christmas jumper all year round. We very much encourage different ways of doing things at Autistica!

Centrepoint: We’ve recently been admiring Paperchases’s Christmas tree decorations. A lot of us didn’t realise until now just how much we needed a festive glass lobster in a Santa hat! Maybe ask us again next year after our annual Paperchase shop…

Children with Cancer UK: During the festive period a special singing reindeer appears on a wall in my house, and with a click of its ear it belts out all of the classic tunes to get you into the Christmas spirit!

Nordoff Robbins: I have way too many miniature schnauzer Christmas decorations…

Hospice UK: There are some pretty eye-catching Christmas jumpers among our staff. We also have a colourful hand-knitted nativity scene that was made by one of our volunteers and is pretty impressive!

Headlines: I guess it has to be the Paperchase sprout earrings my daughters bought me last year (and now insist I wear every Christmas Day!).


SOURCE: Paperchase

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