5 Reasons to Love the Clocks Going Back




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As the leaves start to turn and the temperature drops, this week signals the official end of British Summertime. At 2am on Sunday 27th October, the clocks will go back by an hour which means an extra hour in bed to cuddle up with Netflix, your favourite PJs and a cup of hot chocolate. Since it will be another five months until our clocks go forward for the start of summertime (Sunday 29 March 2020), we’ve put together five positive reasons to enjoy the clocks going back.


1. Pyjama Sets

Stock up on sleep staples with our cosy women’s pyjama sets to snooze away your extra hour.


2. Dressing Gowns

Sit back and relax in a snuggle-worthy dressing gown. We suggest staying extra cosy in a hooded soft fluffy dressing gown.


3. A Hot Water Bottle

Make sure you stay toasty under your duvet during your extra hour in bed with a cuddly hot water bottle or a cosy microwavable hottie.


4. Slippers

Treat your feet this winter to a pair of fabulously fluffy slippers. For a fun addition, opt for a pair of bunny eared booties.


5. Hot Chocolate

Celebrate the clocks going back by spoiling yourself to a daily cup of hot cocoa. Drink in style with one of our cute animal face mugs.




SOURCE: New Look

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