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Fun fact – on average, it rains 156 days out of the year in the UK! That’s why it’s pretty important to be well prepared with something to wear when it’s pouring it down. Luckily vinyl is all the rage this season and chunky leather boots are pretty immortal, so that’s a good start. Don’t let grey mornings affect your style and discover five outfits to keep you dry whilst still looking cool – whether that be on your commute or in the queue to the party…

1. The updated trench

We’re obsessed with this faux crocodile vinyl trench, and throwing this over anything will always make you look certifiably chic. The beret will protect that fresh blow dry and make the outfit look all the more on trend.

2. No rain, no flowers

The trusty leather jacket is the OG go-to for rainy days. Pair it with that floral midi skirt you were loving through summer, made appropriate for the rainy seasons paired with a cosy jumper and chunky boots. Then, add a bucket hat for extra rain protection.

3. Dancing in the rain

Don’t let the rain ruin your perfectly pre-planned party outfit – we’ve got you covered (literally). Simply opt for a classic trench to wear over your nighttime outfit – it will keep your mini dress dry and make you look like a total Bond girl. Win win.

4. The chic waterproof

Our Chicago jacket was practically made for the rain: it’s vinyl, so it’s waterproof and still super on trend. It’s also quite the statement piece (especially the lime green version), so go simple with the rest of the look. We’re thinking jeans, white tee and boots. Sorted.

5. Totally not pyjamas

We get that it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed when the forecast is predicting rain all day long, but we have found the solution! Go for a soft jersey two piece that will make you feel like you’re still in your pyjamas but look all the more stylish, and add an oversized jacket to nail rainy day dressing.

SOURCE: Topshop

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