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Apple iOS 13 launches on September 19. It’s the latest version of Apple’s operating system, and includes new features designed to improve your mobile experience. So if your iPhone is a 6S or newer, here are the cool new things to look out for when you update your software.


Have a good night with Dark Mode


Dark Mode is a great feature that dims things down, and stops a way-too-bright display shining in our faces when we’re using our phone in the dark.

It changes the display’s hues from bright white and light grey, to black and dark gray on supported apps. So if you’re the kind of person that uses their phone in bed with the lights off, you won’t be dazzled like a Mogwai after midnight.

You can set Dark Mode to automatically come on at night, or at a specific time.


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth comes to the Control Center


At last! You can now select Wi‑Fi networks and connect Bluetooth accessories from your iPhone’s Control Center. It’s a convenient way of connecting things like wireless earbuds without having to navigate away from your app and wade through lots of menus. Android phones have had this for years, so we’re delighted that it’s now on iPhone.


Maps are more detailed


Maps has had a revamp, and it’s now a lot better. Details for roads and buildings are now more realistic, and you can now explore your favourite cities in glorious 3D 360-degrees!

Favorites were a part of Maps before, but iOS 13 makes these saved locations easier to navigate to with one tap – they appear at the very top of a search menu. Sometimes Google Maps on iOS doesn't get this right (but does better on Android). That's one reason to keep Apple Maps installed, even if you're a Google Maps person.


Say hello to FaceTime attention correction


FaceTime attention correction is a new thing on iOS 13. What’s that all about? We hear you ask. Well, it makes it appear that you’re looking right into the front-facing camera during FaceTime video calls – even when you’re looking at the display. So basically, it now looks like you’re paying full attention. Good, eh?


Swipe to type


Yep, swipe-to-type is now a feature on Apple’s default QuickType keyboard. It’s a popular way of typing, and it’s incredibly fast once you get the hang of it. Once you’ve swiped, you won’t want press to type. That’s a promise.


‘Find My’ is a new app


The new ‘Find My’ app beings together a couple of older apps you may be familiar with, namely ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Find My Friends’. You’ve now got one central user-friendly interface to locate your mates and missing devices.


Siri sounds more human

Siri has a new voice, and it’s less robotic and more natural than before. You’ll really notice the difference, especially during longer phrases like news articles and weather updates.

Siri’s a little smarter too, and can now understand the voices of different people in your household. So asking what’s on your calendar won’t bring.


Put a lid on spam calls


And finally, a new feature called Silence Unknown Calls does exactly what it says on the tin. When someone calls you, it scans your contacts, mails and messages to see if you’ve previously been in contact with them. And if you haven’t, it sends them straight to voicemail. Anything to make nuisance calls less of a nuisance gets a thumbs up from us.


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