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New menu in bloom! Today we are launching our fresh new spring menu in all of our cafes and restaurants and we have some new and exciting flavour combinations to show off.

The gourmet foodie

How do you like your burger? Crispy buttermilk chicken style, a twist on the classic cauliflower cheese or simply our fancy fish finger sandwich. The best thing about these three delicious burgers is that you can swap out your normal chips for sweet potato fries if you’re feeling fancy.

The trustworthy one

Keep it basic and say cheese with our favourite pasta dish, the mac is back and better than ever. We are keeping our amazing mac and cheese on the menu for our spring launch because we know how much you all love it and we really can’t blame you, its creamy, cheesy, goodness in every bite. Enough said.


The controversial one

Its time for tea with our delicious fresh cream and jam scones. We won’t judge you on how you prefer it (but jam is always first) as long as you enjoy it as much as we do. These are the perfect pairing with a cup of tea for the best afternoon treat.

The new kid on the block

Keen em sweet with our new chocolate chip scone with chocolate hazelnut spread and freshly whipped cream, and if you think that’s a mouthful you haven’t seen anything yet. These are our new season showstoppers, sure to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings. You can thank us later.

The picky eater

Pick and choose with our fully loaded mix and match style dishes, perfect for sharing or even going solo. They come in various options for every taste so take you pic.

  • Sweet potato fires with beef chilli, guac and soured cream

  • Chips with cheese and bacon

  • Nachos with beef chilli, guac and soured cream

  • Sweet potato fries with cheese and bacon

The fancy diner

Taste the summer with our berrylicious raspberry tart. You won’t see any soggy bottoms here, with its crisp pastry shell and creamy custard filling it’s a delight in every bite.

SOURCE: Debenhams

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