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Family blogger and radio DJ, Mother Pukka, shares her thoughts on the latest designer collection from Osiris Eyewear, exclusively available at Specsavers. 
Gary Barlow and I have one big thing in common – we both wear glasses. Who knew we were so destined for one another?

It’s true, last year it was the Kylie Minogue collection for Specsavers and this year it’s the achingly cool Osiris Eyewear collection, fronted by pop icon Gary Barlow, which is just as bang on. 

For some reason I fall into two categories when it comes to trying on glasses: 1) Geek-not-so-chic 2) Swamped because of my pea head. But, Specsavers always deliver glasses that don’t overwhelm the face while adding a splash of personality. Seeing truly is believing here.





The Osiris collection has something for everyone. I always thought I was fairly safe in my spectacle-wearing, opting for dark frames and nothing ‘too spectacally’ (a word I actually used in Specsavers back in 1997 when I had my first glasses fitted). But this is the first time I’ve felt I can use my glasses as I would accessories.


I wore the clear pair to a pre-BRIT event recently with a pop of red lipstick and a heart-embellished frock (to represent Heart radio where I work). Instead of commenting on my amorous dress, people asked ‘where are those from?’ pointing at my bespectacled face. It’s the first time I’ve had feedback on a pair of bins and it was good to know it pays to go off piste occasionally. 
I chose the dark aviator-style sunglasses for the first throes of spring sunshine. They’re slick, cool and make you feel a bit like a female Top Gun character but without the adrenalin-fuelled aviation and offset perfectly with a latte outside a café. What I’m trying to say here is Gary Barlow is with me wherever I go and that’s The Dream.

SOURCE: Specsavers

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