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Embrace vivid neons and sunshine brights for laid back, sun soaked days, as luminous shades dominate for swimwear. Get ready to radiate your best self through colour this summer as swimwear receives the red hot treatment, complemented by dramatic eyewear, chic crochet cover ups, and fabric hairbands. When it comes to beachwear, our top tip is; the bolder the better! Hot pink, brilliant green, sunset orange, and canary yellow are standout shades, and can be worn alone, or clashed for maximum impact. Halter neck bikinis and bandeaus are updated in soft, ribbed fabrications, with leopard looking new recoloured in khaki green, making them bright enough to make an impact, yet so comfortable you’ll want to wear them all season long.


Yellow crochet dress £10



Neon green bikini top £4, neon green bikini brief £3, neon sunglasses £3


Brown zig zag pattern bikini top £6, brown zig zag pattern bikini brief £4, bucket hat £4


Orange bikini top £4, red sunglasses £3


Brown zig zag pattern kaftan £8, black sunglasses £3


Khaki leopard print swimsuit £5


Pink neon bikini top £4


Orange bikini top £2, pattern bikini brief £2, unicorn inflatable £12


Yellow palm print headband £2



SOURCE: Primark

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