Things To Do With Kids At Half Term - Letter Writing




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Time in child world is such an unfamiliar concept. When you miss your bestie Jasmine from Miss Honeys class, a week away from her and off school can feel like a lifetime! A fun way to curb the missing misery is by writing and posting letters to your baby’s besties.


Our unicorn writing set is where sceptical writers forget their troubles and pick up a pen! Complete with address stickers and colourful envelopes, your young writer is ready to be enlisted in the literary school of half term adventurers.



Aside from being a fun pass-time, a calming (relatively clean) and distracting activity, there are countless other benefits that come with encouraging your child to write from a young age. Especially in the digital age, the benefits of spending some time away from the screen include improving communication skills, encouraging imagination and teaching word and letter structure.




While you watch them scribble away, why don’t you try writing a letter to your child? This activity gives you time to reflect, not only on the mayhem, but also on what’s happened since you became a parent. This space to speak to your child is a valuable way to have an open conversation with them, that you can both look back on in the future. An added bonus of writing your own letter is that if your child sees you doing that, they will be more likely to do the same!



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