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Once upon a time vegan beauty was the niche in the market. The choice was minimal, and the quality was questionable, but everything has to start somewhere, right? However, fast forward to today and vegan beauty is big business! Can we get a ‘woohoo!’? If you, like so many intrigued beauty consumers, are considering the switch to vegan beauty and want to know more, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to pucker up, here’s the low down on vegan lipsticks and Superdrug’s very own lip smacking options from the B. collection.  


What is vegan beauty?

Just like a vegan diet, vegan beauty products do not contain any ingredients derived from animals nor do they contain any animal by-products. So, yes that means non-vegan lipsticks have animal derivatives or animal by-products in it! 



So, what's in my lipstick that’s non-vegan?


That classic, bold red lip that has been adored for years is often the result of a little deeply pigmented ingredient called carmine - sounds pretty harmless, right? Well, carmine is made from the cochineal beetle. It is estimated that up to 70,000 cochineal beetles are crushed to make just one pound of carmine! And to make it worse, they only use the female bugs! Oh, hello sexism! If you’re on the lookout for it, it could be hidden behind any of these names: ‘cochineal’, ‘cochineal extract’, ‘crimson lake’, ‘natural red 4’, ‘C.I. 75470’, ‘E120’ or if the brand is extra cheeky, it can even be listed as just ‘natural colouring’.  

Vegan friendly alternatives: Fruit pigments, synthetic colours


What’s wrong with beeswax we hear you asking? Well, vegans believe that although the bees are not killed to harvest their wax (or honey), their habitat is disrupted, and this can lead to a thriving colony dying if their harvest process if not completed.  So, certainly not suitable for vegans!

Vegan friendly alternatives: vegetable and soy waxes


Where can I get a vegan lipstick?

B. is Superdrug’s very own all vegan, completely cruelty-free line of beauty products. We’ve done the hard work for you by replacing the usual animal by-product and derivatives found in conventional lipsticks with natural or synthetic ingredients. They do the same job, just without the bugs and bees! Say goodbye to scrutinising the ingredients list and hello to more time playing with your lush new makeup!


B. Matte Lipsticks & Lip Liners

Who wants to be spoilt for choice? We’re sure you do! B. offers a gorgeous collection of 12 velvety smooth lipsticks. From knock out reds and natural nudes to pretty in pinks and sultry purples. There’s a shade for everyone, no matter what kind of lippie lover you are!  


B. Liquid Lipsticks

Lovers of liquid lippies, these are for you! B.’s range of totally ‘grammable shades dry quickly and evenly, leaving you with a super matte look with a serious punch of pigment from the get go! So, how many shades will you be adding to your collection?


Now you have the low-down on B.'s lippies, it's time to get filling your basket! 

SOURCE: Superdrug

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