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Wrapchic Differently Indian Logo
  Peacocks Place | Unit 9

The passion for Indian & Mexican food coupled with a desire to bring Indian food in a 21st-century format the founder, Mahesh Raikar quit a well-paid job with a Fortune 500 company and embarked upon a journey to develop what is now known as ‘Wrapchic’ – The Indian Burrito Company.

With a vision to be ‘The most loved burrito company in the world’. Wrapchic set out its first stall in July 2012 with its first location in the heart of Birmingham City Centre offering Fresh, Healthy and Tasty Indian food in a vibrant friendly environment.

‘Wrapchic’ is Mumbai slang and to a localite would mean ‘Sexy’, pronounced as ‘Rap-chick’.

It is often used as an ‘adjective’ to accentuate a ‘noun’, which in our case is the food!

The logo derives its origin from the beautiful ‘Warli’ art practised by the tribes in Maharashtra (India) villages. The bull has always been an eternal symbol linked to India; be it the Indian Gods or the local farmers.

Though the bull in the logo takes its origin from India, it also links itself with the iconic ‘Bull’ which is the landmark showcase of Birmingham City Centre.

On 4th September 2003, the Bull in Birmingham city centre changed the face of the city landscape and has ever since been a symbol of modern and vibrant Birmingham. The Wrapchic bull is out to emulate the same in the food industry!!!


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