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With lots of choice in the world of pushchairs and buggies, we’re committed to helping new and experienced parents find the ones that are right for them, their child and their lifestyle. From pushchairs designed to off-road, to compact buggies perfect for holidays, we’ve got the lot.

Pushchairs and buggies

You know you’re going to need them, but often finding the one that’s right for you can be as tricky as shopping around for a new car. Only, it’s a new car you can take on public transport and that will fit easily through a shop doorway. It’s no small feat, but it needn’t feel overwhelming.

At Mamas & Papas, we’re committed to helping you find the right pushchair or buggy, so that you can get on with parenting, navigating everything with ease and confidence.

As a family run brand, we use our own personal experiences to inform everything we create. That’s why we have a range of prams and strollers to meet your needs, whatever they be. Whether you prefer living life in the fast lane, like to stroll around city streets or fancy yourself a bit of an off-roader, we have a seat that’s perfect for you and your little one. Full of ingenious features and helpful details, we do our best to ensure we’ve thought of everything, so that life as a parent is as simple as possible. And a big part of that is down to our compact one hand fold.

The Compact One Hand Fold | Our Signature Pushchair Fold

The majority of our pushchairs and buggies come with our unique compact one hand fold.

We understand how frustrating it can be to fold away a pushchair. Often, you’re trying to do i while juggling something else – shopping, changing bags, a sleepy child – it all adds up, and the last thing you need is a large, awkward fold that requires three hands and the strength of ten weightlifters.

Thankfully, our one hand fold is just that – a fold you can perform with one hand. It’s so quick and easy to do, you can operate it in seconds; folding away your pushchair with one hand, leaving the other free to do whatever else you need to do. The compact size means that it fits easily into the boot of most small cars and is ideal for storing away in your home.

Trusted British Heritage | Designed & Tested in Yorkshire

All of our pushchairs and buggies are designed by our in-house designers, at our head office in the heart of Yorkshire. It’s been that way since 1982. We use our own personal insights, along with feedback from a wide variety of parents, to inform everything we design, especially our pushchairs. We make sure they’re easy to use and effortless, while remaining unbelievably comfortable and supportive for baby.

Once we’ve completed and fine-tuned our creations, they go on to be tested at our Independently Accredited Test Lab, which sits onsite. That means every chair is designed to the highest quality and tested to make sure it complies with the latest European Safety Standards, as well as being able to withstand the full-on nature of life with a little one.

They’re designed and tested to handle the job.

First & Second Stage Pushchairs | For life with a baby or toddler

What you’re looking for depends on the stage you’re at. A new parent will often look for the all-round travel system that’s big, sturdy and does everything, whereas, someone with a toddler might be looking to downgrade to a smaller, more compact buggy. And we do both. 

For life with a newborn

Mamas & Papas pushchairs are ready from birth and come with a variety of modes to ensure baby is always comfortable. Doubling as travel systems, they are compatible with car seats and carrycots, and offer the choice between baby facing you or out at the world.

For life with a toddler

Your little one might be older but they still need to get around, and sometimes a travel system is less than ideal. Mamas & Papas' light, compact buggies come with a forward-facing seat, perfect for little ones ready to see more of the world.

We believe it’s all in the detail and that those smaller touches make the biggest difference. Our pushchairs and buggies all come with standard features that may not seem like much, but when you’re in the thick of it, they can be life savers.

Lie Flat Seat

Sleep in important for little ones, especially in that first couple of years. They spend more time sleeping than they do being awake. But just because they’re napping, it doesn’t mean everything comes to a halt. With our incredibly helpful lie flat seats, you can create a flat-lying space for your child to sleep while on the go.

Once baby has outgrown their carrycot, you can be sure they’re getting the best sleep possible, and the flat design is best for supporting a more natural sleep. That means they can snooze away while you get on with everything else.

Magnetic Window

The urge to keep checking on your baby is always a strong one. Even when you know they are sleeping soundly, you can’t resist a cheeky peek. And it’s perfectly understandable. It’s also why our pushchairs come with magnetic peek-a-boo windows.

The gentle, magnetic clasp is much quieter than standard Velcro fastenings, meaning you can check to your heart’s content without fear of waking them.

Toy Loop

Pushchairs and buggies that are designed to make things easier for parents are great. But they’re not the most fun places to spend your time as a little one. So, it stands to reason that any extra flourishes that can bring some fun to those journeys are bound to be a blessing. We’ve got you covered.

All our own-brand strollers come with a handy toy loop. It lets you attach your child’s favourite toy so they can play with them on the go. And because it’s a secure loop, there’s less chance of them dropping their toy and losing it. Our toy loops keep their favourite friends by their side for the whole journey.

So why not visit A & B Baby today to find out more...


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