Auntie Anne's at Woking Shopping

  Town Mall | UNIT 51
  Vineet Choumal
  01483 772088

Auntie Anne’s is a fast food retailer selling soft, freshly baked, hand rolled pretzels which come in a variety of flavours. Mixed, twisted and baked to golden brown perfection in full view of our customers, every pretzel comes with the pretzel perfect guarantee.

We’re all about making your life easier, here at Auntie Anne’s! So, in our efforts to do this, the new Woking store will be offering wired and wireless (induction) mobile phone charging stations and power socket units. Come and find us in the Town Mall of the Peacocks Centre so you can enjoy a freshly baked treat and charge up ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

As if you need any more persuasion to come visit us in Woking - the Peacocks store will also be selling freshly baked sandwiches, perfect for any mealtime. 

Twitter: @auntieanneswoking


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